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Solar Maintenance/Cleaning

workers install energy efficient solar panels on the roof

In the past, many people considered solar panels quite delicate. They worried about the panels getting damaged, about them breaking down and not working. Of course, now, that’s all a thing of the past. Solar panels are durable and highly functional – and work for years and years. Yet, even so, there are times when solar maintenance and solar panel cleaning services could be needed. You never know when an unfortunate accident could take place, and if you live in a dusty environment – as many people do in Utah – there’s a decent chance that your panels could need cleaning now and again. At RenewaVolt Solar Company, we provide a solar panel system maintenance and cleaning service for these situations. Rest assured, we’ll do everything required to keep your solar panel installation up and running, so that your energy production isn’t interrupted or taken off-track. To hear more about what we can do, read below.

Boosting Efficiency

When you add solar panels to your property, you do so to give yourself an independent source of clean energy. It means you don’t have to rely on the electricity grid, and that you’re having a positive impact on the environment. All of that only remains true if your solar panel installation is working as expected. If the panels become covered in muck and debris, it’s going to lower their efficiency significantly – and the longer you allow this to go on, the bigger the effect will be. A solar panel cleaning service ensures that this isn’t allowed to happen, and that your property gets all the solar power it needs.

Preventative Care

As we’ve already mentioned, solar panels are much sturdier than they used to be – but that doesn’t mean they can’t get damaged. Having a solar panel maintenance team visit your installation on a regular basis can help to stop issues from cropping up. They know these systems intimately, and will notice if there’s anything amiss or not working quite right. This can help you avoid a more sizable repair issue later down the line – and at a lower expense too.

Safe Cleaning and Maintenance

If you’re a practical person, you might be thinking that you have the skills and knowledge needed to handle your solar panels yourself. Unfortunately, that might not be the case. If you mishandle your solar panels while cleaning or maintaining them, you could cause a repair problem. And, worst of all, you could break your system’s warranty by doing so. It’s best to use an accredited service with a proven track record to repair or clean your solar panels – this means no accidents will take place.

Flexible Scheduling

If you’re concerned about finding the time to schedule an appointment for a solar panel maintenance inspection, repair, or cleaning, don’t worry. At RenewaVolt Solar Company, we do everything we can to make our services accessible and easy to use. We’ll find a time that works for your busy schedule, even if it means visiting earlier or later in the day – or on the weekend. For information on our upcoming availability, speak to our customer service team as soon as possible.

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