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RenewaVolt Solar Company

West Valley City Solar Company

electrician installs solar panels on the side of a building

Are you looking to give your property an upgrade? While most homes and commercial properties are only connected to the electrical grid, more and more are seeing the sense of relying on solar power. In the United States, there are millions of homes with solar panel installations, and they’re reaping the benefits of this remarkable technology. Offering clean, cheap energy, solar panel systems are the perfect choice for all sorts of properties.

The only concern is finding a dependable solar company that you can trust to give you a first-class installation. Naturally, that’s where we enter the picture. If you’re interested in discovering more information about the advantages of solar power, the cost of solar panel setups, or anything else to do with installing solar panels, you’re in the right place.

About Us

At RenewaVolt Solar Company, we’re delighted to provide our solar installation services to the people across our community. Working out of West Valley City, Utah, we’ve been working to supply solar power for homes and businesses of every type – and only ever received positive feedback for what we’ve delivered. Solar panels don’t just produce electricity, either. They raise the energy independence, flexibility, and energy-efficiency of properties, making them a valuable addition in any and all circumstances. We’ve been helping property owners for many years, and it’s the hard work, knowledge, and experience of our team that has made these positive changes possible. Make no mistake, they will deliver an exceptional outcome that more than meets your expectations. When you then consider the affordability of our services, it quickly becomes clear that we’re the right option for you.

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    Our Services

    ​We’ve assembled a robust range of services you’ll be hard pressed to find through another solar company. In doing so, we feel we provide everything our customers could possibly need, whether they’re seeking help with a residential, commercial, or even industrial site. In the past, we’ve helped our customers with solar installation, maintenance and cleaning, off grid solar system design and setup, and even with helping to understand solar panel prices. Whether you know what you want or you’re in need of more guidance, our team is ready to assist you. If you have questions that need answering before making a decision, you only need to call our customer service team for help.

    a man fixing a solar panel on a roof

    Solar Panels

    As far as clean, cheap energy goes, there’s nothing better than a solar panel installation. Solar panels harness the energy of the sun to increase your energy independence, all while helping the environment. You can choose from both roof and ground-mounted setups, which means that any type of property can benefit from solar power. As a group, we’ve installed solar power for homes and businesses hundreds of times – so we’re prepared to tackle any request.

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    Solar Batteries

    With solar batteries, you can store energy for times when electrical generation isn’t possible, or when electricity from the grid is more expensive. This, again, increases your energy independence, but also saves you money. We can offer guidance on how many solar batteries you need, and set up your system so that you stand to get the best return on investment.

    man holding a EV charger

    EV Chargers

    Electrical vehicles are an environmentally friendly revelation, allowing us to travel in cars and trucks without puffing out filthy exhaust fumes. But to use yours regularly, you’ll need access to an EV charger. While you can charge your vehicle at public charging points, nothing beats the convenience and cost-effectiveness of an EV charger at home. We can help you by installing one in your property.

    “I’ve been pretty surprised at how much difference solar panels have made to my home. Our bills are so much lower – I can see we’ll have recouped what we spent sooner rather than later. Thank you RenewaVolt Solar Company!” – Louise A.

    solar panel on the roof of the house

    “I would happily recommend RenewaVolt Solar Company to anyone who needs solar panels or batteries installed. Great customer service, quick installation, and reasonable pricing too. What’s not to like?” – Jose E.

    electric car charging station

    “RenewaVolt Solar Company has turned out to be a great choice. Professional, friendly, and really know their stuff. They saved us loads by helping us find which tax credits we were entitled to. It was a 10/10 service.” – Chelsea M.

    solar panel renewable energy field

    Solar Financing

    Feeling unsure about solar panel prices? If so, it’s entirely understandable – with complex financing options and so many relevant tax credit schemes, it’s not always clear how much you’re going to spend. Of course, we’re here to give you all the information you need, and by keeping you informed, we can help you buy solar panels at the best possible price. For more specific pricing information, our customer service representatives are ready to help.

    solar panels installed on roof of large house

    Solar Maintenance/Cleaning

    Worried about the condition of your solar panels? If they seem like they’re not working properly, it might be that they need maintenance or perhaps some cleaning. After all, Utah’s dusty weather can sometimes affect panel efficiency. Our solar panel maintenance and cleaning crews will make sure your panels are always functioning optimally – and this can even improve the lifespan of your installations, too.

    man checking the solar on the roof

    Solar FAQ

    Are solar panels worth it? And how much do solar panels cost? It’s questions like these that customers want answered, and that’s what we’re here to help with. You’ll find plenty of information on our website, but if you’re still feeling doubtful, our team is always ready to answer any other questions you might have – you just have to ask.

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    Contact Us Today

    Ready to make your property more environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and cost effective? The first step is a solar panel installation consultation. To get started with the process, get in touch with our customer service representatives as soon as possible. They’ll tell you about our various services, the prices you can expect to pay, and the availability of our teams. You can reach them through our online web form or by calling our main telephone number during operating hours. Reach out to them today and uplift your property sooner rather than later.